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Healthier products

Continuously improving to offer the best products across food and personal care.

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A healthier lifestyle happens when people have healthier choices. So we’re constantly finding new ways to refine our products to be even better.

Everyone deserves to have healthier food options that taste great, and better-for-you personal care products that really work. From the ingredients we choose to the recipes we create and how we package our products, we aim to offer products that make healthier living a reality.

That’s just the Hain way.

“Consumers are clear about which ingredients they prefer and which they want to avoid. We do not use artificial flavors, colors from artificial sources or genetically modified ingredients. Instead, we choose real, simple ingredients full of vitamins and nutrients to support healthier lifestyle choices.” -Jeff George, SVP of R&D
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    Our goals

    By 2025, we’re aiming to adopt and redefine a brand new standard for our ingredients. Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • No artificial flavors

    100% products without artificial colors or flavors (Globally)

  • Cleaner personal care

    90% personal care products with no parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates (in North America)

  • Global nutrition

    Increasing transparency around what “better-for-you” means, and establishing clear maintainable standards.

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The sweet & salty standard

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Hain Celestial’s UK brands have adopted new guidelines on salt and sugar reductions as part of a national effort to better public health through nutrition.

Two brands, Hartley’s® and Linda McCartney’s®, made significant changes to improve according to these new standards: The amount of sugar in Hartley’s® jelly pots decreased by 10-15%–the equivalent of approximately 24 million sugar cubes per year. The Linda McCartney® brand reduced salt content in their sausages, helping consumers avoid 6000 kg of salt.

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