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Brands you can believe in

We believe in offering choices that make healthier living a little bit easier. To achieve this, we build purpose-driven brands across the globe that strive to continuously refine their products and practices to be healthier and more sustainable.

Take a look at all of our better-for-you food and personal care offerings.



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Garden of Eatin'®

The goodness of the garden. Made from organic and non-GMO ingredients, including blue corn sourced from family-owned farms, Garden of Eatin’ is committed to making naturally delicious tortilla chips with the perfect amount of crunch and seasoning.


Unsinfully good. ParmCrisps are artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made simply from 100% real cheese. Our crisps are both delicious and better for you, so you can enjoy all of the snacking goodness you deserve.

Sensible Portions®

Snack sensible. Whenever you need a sensible snack, reach for Sensible Portions deliciously fun and better-for-you snacks. With Garden Veggie Straws, Puffs, and Chips, there’s a favorite for the whole family.


Crazy delicious vegetables. TERRA chips make vegetables surprisingly delicious. We take real vegetables and transform them into high-quality, delicious chips–seasoned & crisped to perfection. These are no ordinary chips; they’re the world's most craveable veggies!


That’s how this cookie crumbles. A sweet treat made from high-quality ingredients, leaving hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and corn syrup in the dust. These bite-size cookies have flavors sure to please everyone–from key lime pie to classic chocolate chip!