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Since the inception of Hain Celestial, we have carried out our mission of being a health and wellness leader, with the belief that business could be a force for good and we could create and inspire a Healthier Way of Life® for our employees, consumers, customers, stockholders and the global communities where we work and live. Our Vision, to inspire healthier living for all, helps shape our ESG strategy. We use the “Healthier Way” framework to prioritize and communicate our ESG goals.

The Healthier Way consists of three core pillars:

  • Healthier Planet – Reduce our environmental footprint with a commitment to lessen our impact on resource scarcity and climate change.
  • Healthier Products – Inspire consumers to create A Healthier Way of Life® through better shopping choices and purpose driven brands.
  • Healthier People – Engage our employees by creating a positive impact in their lives and in the communities where we work and live.

To learn more about our ESG strategy, goals and progress please see our 2021 Global Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


Healthier Planet

  • Climate:
    • Develop scope 1, 2, 3 emissions targets and achieve validation by the Science-Based Targets initiative by 2023
    • 100% renewable electricity for Hain Celestial operated facilities by 2025
  • Food Waste: Zero food waste for Hain Celestial manufactured product by 2025
  • Waste: Zero waste to landfill for Hain Celestial operated facilities by 2027

Healthier Products

  • Packaging:
    • 100% of products have standardized recycling labeling by 2025
    • Publish a global sustainable packaging strategy by 2023
  • Nutrition: Adopt and implement Healthier Product Standards by 2025

Healthier People

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Increase female representation in leadership positions globally and diverse representation in leadership in the U.S., reporting progress annually
  • Community:
    • Adopt a global volunteering program offering paid time off for all employees by 2022
    • 100% of unsold food and personal care products that are fit to use goes to someone in need by 2025