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We believe in offering choices that make healthier living a little bit easier. To achieve this, we build purpose-driven brands across the globe that strive to continuously refine their products and practices to be healthier and more sustainable.

Take a look at all of our better-for-you food and personal care offerings.



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Liberating sweetness. Meet the #1 best-selling maple syrup and natural sweetener brand in the UK. With blends that have up to 45% less sugar than sugar, you can really enjoy the sweeter things.

Cully & Sully®

Food lovers make food to love. Growing up in Ireland's foodie capital Cork, Cully (the cook) knows good food, and Sully (the numbers person) knows good business. Together they make good, honest, and tasty food from great ingredients. You’re sure to love it too.

Earth's Best®

Good food made fun. At Earth’s Best we are focused on helping little ones build healthy habits right from the start, nurturing a love of good food through organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and responsibly sourced protein.

Ella's Kitchen®

A healthy start. Ella’s Kitchen is the #1 baby food in the UK and is available in over 40 countries. As a pioneer in children’s nutrition, Ella’s offers great quality organic foods, all with the goal of helping kids grow up knowing healthy food can be tasty, fun, and cool!

Farmhouse Fare™

A passion for puddings. Helen Colley founded Farmhouse Fare with a love for the sweet treats her grandmother made from local ingredients and hand-crafted methods. That passion lives on today with authentic recipes and ingredients that make every pudding absolutely delicious.

Frank Cooper's®

Perfect for a discerning palate. Try the UK’s favorite premium marmalade, whose careful preparation is perfect for those with a love of distinctive and bold marmalade flavors.

Hain Pure Foods®

Goodbye artificial, hello authentic flavor. Hain Pure Foods has been making household staples like salt, sugar, and baking powder with no artificial flavors, for over 75 years. We also have no artificial colors or preservatives.


Britain’s favorite jam and jelly brand has been bringing smiles and joy to the Nation from breakfast through to after dinner for 150 years. Try all of our delicious varieties.

Health Valley®

Welcome to Healthy Valley Here at Health Valley, we make eating right easy and delicious, with a variety of flavorful soups you’ll love, including low sodium options.


The Hollywood all-stars. Since 1958, our team at Hollywood has been renowned for creating high-quality cooking oils and condiments that are great for sautéing, marinating, and roasting.


Imagine this… Imagine offers a variety of delicious products, including organic soups and broth options made with fresh vegetables.


What’s better than nut butter? How about peanut, almond, and coconut butters derived from pure ingredients, with 0 trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or artificial preservatives? MaraNatha® creates wholesome spreads that nut and seed-lovers will adore.

New Covent Garden Soup Co.®

A little lift in every bowl. For over 30 years New Covent Garden has been passionate about the naturally good fuel of a bowl of soup. Our passion is for classic recipes and cupboard ingredients–we’re satisfyingly simple! As healthy as we are convenient, we give you all you need: uplifting, delicious


A top-grade marmalade. Robertson’s is the UK’s #1 marmalade brand, famous for its delicious Golden Shred Marmalade, and for its association with Paddington Bear. No wonder it's been awarded a Royal Warrant!


Citrus for every taste. For almost a century, Rose’s distinctive, memorable, and unique tasting citrus marmalades have been made using lime, lemon, lemon-lime, and orange—perfect for a refreshing and zesty way to start the day.


Your partner in cooking. Spectrum organic offers quality vegetable oils, chia seeds, and healthy supplements. With a wide variety of non-GMO, wholesome products, you can cook with confidence.


Packed with peanuts. The UK’s best-tasting peanut butter. Each jar is packed with peanuts, so you know you’re getting all the good stuff! A great natural source of protein that helps to maintain energy levels.

The Greek Gods®

All taste, no tang. Greek Gods yogurt is made with real ingredients like whole milk and honey and uses a unique old-world process resulting in a smooth, rich, creamy texture with no tang. One bite will have you saying OH MY GREEK GODS!

Walnut Acres®

Organic food you can trust since 1946. True to our beginnings, we offer delicious organic foods that nourish your body and soul.

Westbrae Natural®

It’s never been so delicious to be vegetarian. Westbrae Natural® has been creating meat-free flavorful pantry staples for over 30 years, offering everything you could need for well-rounded and nutritious meals.

Yorkshire Provender®

Honestly delicious. Yorkshire Provender is home of the most delicious soup. Made with the finest Yorkshire ingredients available across the UK and enjoyed in homes everywhere.