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Health, wellness, and mindfulness are not just about new products or services. They’re the new normal.

A new way of seeing food, a new way of experiencing community, and a new way of making a positive impact through purchases.

We have seen the world through this lens since our founding in 1993 and have made great strides in changing the way people think about food and personal care products. We will continue to bring this vision of a better lifestyle to millions of homes around the world.

We call this approach… The Healthier Way.


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The Healthier Way Manifesto

We’ve been a 21st Century business since the day we were founded in 1993. At 23 years old, technically we’re a millennial, so naturally we think and act differently. From the very beginning we’ve had a clear purpose, to create and inspire A Healthier Way of Life™.

A Healthier Way of Life™ starts with the things we put in and on our bodies every day. Because the daily and weekly decisions about what we eat, and what goes in our shopping basket, add up to a lifetime of choices. So over the last two decades we’ve worked hard to make sure that, every time a consumer picks a Hain Celestial product, it’s a great choice for them and for their life.

Not only have we helped transform people’s shopping choices, we’ve also transformed the food and personal care industries. Where other businesses saw fads, we saw the future. Organic, non-GMO, wellness and nutrition are now mainstream concerns and you’ll nd our products in the biggest retailers. But we still have further to go and we want to get there fast.

Our sustainability strategy sets a clear path for our business by helping even more consumers enjoy A Healthier Way of Life™. Our vision is to become a $5B business in 2020 by enabling millions of households to access products and services that are good for them, good for the planet and good for the people that make them.

We’re as committed today as when we were founded, because we believe that the healthier way will mean a healthier future for all of us.

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